About Davis Clock Services…

During the early 1970’s, my parents owned and operated a clock store in Upper Arlington , Ohio . My father has been a clock collector for as long as I can remember, and started repairing clocks in the early 1960’s.

I worked in his store evenings and weekends while in High School and my first two years of college. I married my junior year of college and moved to Florida to finish college. Upon arriving in Florida , I found no jobs for college students (NASA was between moon missions and had not started shuttle missions). I used our spare bedroom as a repair shop and started a repair business for the trades. Davis Clock Services was started in 1974 as a service to the retail furniture and department store industries. These retail outlets normally do not have a person on staff with the technical or historical resources to answer some of the questions of the clock buying public. We strive to fill this need. Although, we do repair antique clocks, we now limit these repairs to our customers who have grandfather clocks.

Owners: Greg Davis and Jenny Davis

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