The Voice of the Clocks – Poem by: Anonymous

the voice of the clocks

The Voice of the Clocks

People often complain of sleepless nights and say they heard the clock strike many times.  The voice of the clock may not be a pleasant sound when one wants to be oblivious to it in sleep.  Still, those voices may start thoughts, which will help calm restless minds.

There used to be Grandfather’s clock, that tall and dignified sentinel of the stairway, which ticked out the minutes on its unhurried way.  Its slow strike was a suggestion that life should not be taken too impatiently, that there is plenty of time for everything, and that man should live out his life with less hurry and scurry.

The old kitchen clock in many homes, which had a quick and tingling strike, suggested an opposite point of view.  As a denizen of the working kitchen, its fast strike seems to suggest that there is a lot of work to be done, and it was better to be up and at it.

Then there is the light and silvery tone of many clocks, which seems to suggest that life is full of pleasant beauty, full of charm and music for those who look for that side of existence.

Then there is the deep toned bell effect, which suggest the riches of experience, and how folk can find the deeper happiness by seeking the higher values of life.

Some clocks, like some people, are always ahead of time.  No lagging by the way for these fast and active tickers.  And there are those that lag behind, and are always hurrying in vain to keep up with the rest.

So clocks seem to be like people, grave and gay, fast and slow.  Perhaps those who reflect how much they seem like human beings, and how they keep ticking away with tireless energy for a century, may forget their troubles and go to sleep.

Used in my Great Uncle Emery Davis’s store in Anna, Illinois in the 1940’s

Greg Davis
Davis Clock Services
Hilliard, OH

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