Proper Set-up

In order for a clock to operate properly, it is important that it be set up properly. Most people believe that if a clock is level, it will operate properly. This myth was started by clock companies years and years ago. The pendulum must “tick—tock” (pendulum beat) evenly in order for a clock to be regulated properly. The clock factories would level the case and manually set the pendulum beat, then pack the clock for shipping with instructions to the consumer to level the case in order to have the clock run properly. Modern floor clocks have self-beat setting escapements, meaning that they will automatically set the pendulum beat once the clock is started. The case of a modern floor clock must be solid (no side to side or front to back motion). All American made floor clocks have adjustable legs, so that making the case solid is as easy as leaning the clock into the wall if the clock is placed on carpet or just making sure that this case is not tipsy on solid wood or ceramic/slate floors. I have serviced many clocks where the consumer has place a board or marble slab under their clock in an effort to make the case more solid on carpet. This only works if the board or marble is bolted through the carpet and into the sub-floor and with adjusting legs this is completely unnecessary. Things to check for proper setup: Case firmness Remove all packing Adjust chime hammers and rods Install weights in proper positions Adjust minute hand to chime at correct position Set moon dial.

Download Howard Miller Floor Clock Manual


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