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Sessions Kitchen Clock – Before and After


Several months ago, a customer asked if I could restore a clock he found in his Father’s farm house in central Illinois. He remembered the clock from his childhood. The case was in very bad shape. The wood was dry and the finish was cracked. The clock probably sat on a shelf in the kitchen, next to a wood or coal burning cook stove for years. The glass in the door was gone and the pendulum had been cut down both sides. This would have raised the center of gravity of the pendulum allowing the clock to run faster.


AfterThe case was so dried out that it actually fell apart. The old finish was stripped off and some warping of the wood top was taken out. The case was finished, glued back together, new glass, dial, and a new pendulum was installed. The movement was overhauled and tested. Shown below are the before and after pictures of the clock.

Greg Davis – Owner

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Testimonial – French Soapstone Restoration

Dear Mr Davis,
Many years ago when we were living in New Albany you serviced this clock which was left to us by my 
husband’s father. After you performed your magic and delivered it back to a furniture dealer in Westerville for
us to pick up, much to our horror they dropped it and it broke into 'a million' pieces. We were all mortified by their neglect but you stepped up, and several months later you had restored that clock back to its former 
We moved to Texas in 2001 and it is in our living room admired by everyone who visits. Just wanted to let 
you know it is still ticking away. Thank you, we will always remember your kindness and perseverance when restoring our heirloom.
Kind regards........Wendy Battle

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Testimonial – Calendar Clock Restoration

We wanted to tell you again how much we appreciate all you did to restore our calendar clock. It is so nice to have it back on the top of our bookcase once again and hear it strike with a deeper, more soothing sound. It is truly a family heirloom and your service will keep it in good condition for years to come. You are a true craftsman.

Ray and Marsha Crooks

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