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I have found history a fascinating subject most of my life.  Not because of the events, but the people that make up history.  The clock industry in the U.S. and Europe is full of such people.  Through the history of man, there have been time pieces ticking away the seconds of the lives of millions of people.  Just think, a clock made in 1880, during the big clock manufacturing boom in the U.S., has set in someone’s home through years of history. In 1880, James A. Garfield was president, the electric light bulb was invented by Thomas Edison, the first telephone was invented, there was no refrigeration, people traveled by horse and buggy or maybe by steam trains.  There were no vaccinations for common diseases.  The average lifespan was 40.5 years, if infancy was survived.  Most clothing was made by hand of wool or cotton linen. A clock manufactured in the 1880’s has been telling time through the assassinations of 3 presidents, the U.S. involvement in 9 wars, the invention and development of the internal combustion engine, automobiles, air travel, walking on the moon, deep space exploration, great advances in medicine, and the splitting of the atom. I once had an apprentice tell me, “What you do is boring!  You do the same thing day after day.”  He didn’t understand the joy of achievement of taking a clock that has run for decades through all types of family joys and sorrows, and bring it back to working condition to continue being the sentinel of time for a family.  Several years ago, I was coming out of a house after servicing a grandfather clock for a family and saw a watchmaker acquaintance sitting in his drive way enjoying a sunny day.  I walked over to talk for a minute.  After a couple of minutes he stated that his neighbor was “a character”.  My response to him was “Bill, we’re all characters in some way.  That’s what makes life so interesting.” My wife, Jenny, and I have been in the clock service and repair business for 40 years now.  I guess I am one of the few blessed people in this world who actually makes a living doing something I really enjoy doing.  It has been my privilege to be allowed to see a glimpse into your family and lives.  I have been part of the joy of a surprise grandfather clock to a spouse or retirement award for years of service to an organization. During the years of servicing these clocks through the decades, I have observed the birth of children, and then seen them graduate from college, or go into the service to defend our country, get married and have children.  I have moved clocks, from where they have stood for decades, into condo’s, assisted living apartments, and Alzheimer lock down apartments, and eventually to a son or daughter’s home, as the clock continues to mark the time of an individual family. It has been my privilege to keep your clocks in operating order over the past 40 years.  I look forward to continuing to service and repair you clocks in the future.

Greg Davis – Owner

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